#WriteABook – an idea worth pursuing

It’s the first day of the month of July 2019. For many people, it’s that time to take stock of how far they’ve travelled this year. After all, it’s the half-year mark of the year.

If you live in Australia, where I am, July 1 is the beginning of a new financial year. Every person who earns any form of income has to file their personal tax returns with the Australian Taxation Office.

For many income earners, the new financial year gives them the opportunity to sit up and look at their finances – their income and expenditure, how much tax they’ve paid in the past 12 months, and hopefully project where they would like to be by June 30 next year.

Salaried workers and wage earners surprisingly leave this important step, believing they have little or no control over how their finances will end up at the end of the new financial year. That may be the case in few instances, but there are several avenues anyone can take to at least alter their financial position for the better.

Whichever profession or occupation you are engaged in, chances are that you have acquired great skills and experience that can somehow be classified as your “intellectual property”. Make use of them. Monetise them.

Put them down in writing or just say them into your mobile phone’s recorder. You’ll be amazed how much relevant information you’re storing in your head. Within days or weeks, you’ll have enough information to transcribe into a small book.

I was born and raised in Africa before I moved to Australia more than 30 years ago. African societies love the use of proverbs in social settings and in conversations. One of my favourites is one that goes like this: “When an old man dies, a library burns to the ground.”

Don’t be the old man in the proverb. Don’t go to your grave without sharing your knowledge, your secret recipe, expertise, etc without letting the world and society know.

You’ve been slaving your time away in your accounting, medical, or sporting profession for many, many years. If you own a business, you’ve had many or even countless conversations with your clients or customers, suppliers or the general public about whichever product or service you provide.

Their questions, comments, criticisms and praises offer great insights into your world of business. Provide answers to these questions and you have a foundation for a #WriteABook project than can make you an expert in that field.

There’s so much in you to put down in a journal or a book. #BookMarketing to get your book out into the public domain shouldn’t hold you back either. So, go ahead and do it. There’s help at hand.

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