Write a book – to boost your profile and your business

There’s no doubt that social media have revolutionised modern society. Wherever you look, anywhere around the world, almost everyone is on it. This great leap for mankind has connected the world’s peoples to each other that no one dreamt of such a society 20 years ago.

No one is far from anyone anymore, and we’re truly living the advertising slogan I heard on Australian TV many years ago.

Social media platform LinkedIn is a major player in this transformation, linking people with similar professional and business backgrounds. Every one of us on LinkedIn has dozens of contacts or connections on this platform, telling everyone else about our jobs, what we do best, and sometimes our aspirations.

Sure, it’s a crowded field where we all try as much as possible to drown out the “noises” making our individual stories go unheard and untold.

But there are individuals and organisations that have taken bold steps to break out of this crowded space using websites and other social media channels. And all these tools are recent inventions.

However, there’s one tool that has stood the test of time and been with mankind since modern civilisation – as we know it – began. This tool is still one of the most effective weapons to help break out of the mould and soar above all if indeed you aim to build your business quickly and at a relatively small cost.

In case you haven’t figured it out, it’s a book – your own book. But It’s not really about the book. It’s about the power and authority a book will give you.

It will quickly make you and your business stand out of the crowd, draw positive attention to you, and build you a following.

It’s a tool that will really give you great advantage over your competitors, whether you are in business selling a product or service or a professional public speaker eager to attract more speaking engagements.

And there’s no doubt that a book authored by you makes people see you as the expert in a particular field. It spotlights your expertise right in people’s eyes, and you can become the go-to person for your informed comments and knowledge.

These benefits are what book authors over the centuries have been reaping, and it’s a known fact that book authorship and celebrity status go almost hand-in-hand.

Millions of people around the world have always had the ambition of writing a book, but very few manage to realise this dream. If you really will like to write a book, don’t be intimidated or overwhelmed by it all.

The team at Martin K & Associates Ltd will show you a simple five-step process to go from an idea to being published and reaping all of its associated benefits. And your physical book can be delivered within 90 days and at the fraction of the cost of “going traditional”.

And even if you’ve written several books, you’ll still like to find out what’s working now and what’s working next.

All you need to do is to get in touch with us for a 30-minute obligation-free consultation. Email: info@martinkandassociates.com.au or +61 406932768