Tell your small business story – people are dying to hear it

It’s almost a cliché. But I’ll restate it here. Your business has only one lifeline – clients or customers.

They come in and go out as and when they need your product or service. That may be true of lots of businesses. 

However, if your offering is a high-ticket product or service, clients and customers consider a whole lot of things before they do business with you.

One of the factors that make customers come to you may be location and convenience. If your product or service is quite close to where a customer lives, they may find it quite convenient to physically come to you to make a purchase. 

It’s also quite common for people to travel quite a distance to a competitor’s business to make a purchase even if you offer the exact product and at the same price. 

If you were to ask the customer of your small business why they had to travel a long distance for the purchase, you might get the response “I’ve always bought my ……. from this business” or even “I don’t know. I simply like shopping here”.

The cost of a product is also a major determining factor in why people buy a particular product or service from this business and not the other. In a huge majority of cases, a lower price may swing a person to buy.

In some cases, however, people go for product A over product B even if A is more expensive than B but of similar quality and ease of use.

In case you haven’t figured out what I’m driving at, it’s your small business’s unique story. It’s such a huge drawcard, and I’ve been wondering why so many business owners fail to realise the “pull power” of their personal and business stories.

In this era of modern marketing, almost all businesses have websites and other social media sites. Your acquaintances – customers/clients, professional and personal relations – are all eager to hear your story.

In my next post, I’ll be discussing how to start getting your personal and small business story to your clients, customers and admirers.