Get the professional recognition you deserve

You are a professional, probably employed by a high street company. Or a technocrat, a tradesperson, a small business owner. Whichever area of vocation you are in, chances are your brain is a store of valuable information on the job you have been engaged in over the years.

You have been slaving in this job to help humanity even if you are paid a wage or salary to do it. Yes, your service is appreciated and many people will probably thank you for it if they were to meet you on the street and are introduced to you personally.

You may not know it but almost every one of them would be delighted if you were to let them in on the what, why and how you do what you do and they, in turn, tell you the satisfaction and joy your service provides them.

If you are on #LinkedIn hoping to recognised as an influencer in whichever area, the shortcut is to first #writeabook and promote it on the social media site. Giving out the ebook or the printed version for free will quickly win you a large following. Many celebrities begin their journey by #writingabook. Copy them.

Every individual has a great story to tell even though many people believe their story is not interesting enough. It is, so why don’t you consider telling your story and sharing it in book form?

The process is not as daunting as many people believe. A simple five-step process can get your book published in no time. It takes about three months to get your book project from inception to completion, and it costs less than you imagine.

Best of all, you may not need to type a single word on paper, and if you so desire we work to get your book to hit bestseller status on Amazon.

Why a book to boost your expertise or profile of your company? It makes you the go-to person in your business. Yes, it makes you the expert in most people’s eyes. With a published book, you can access almost the entire human race, connect with your perfect audience, share your message, sell more products, create buzz, and have real authority and credibility in any market. And, it’s one of the few ways to get your prospects to take you to bed with them!

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By Martin Kwakwa