Why book authors need to aim higher

Why book authors need to aim higher


May 3, 2018

Books. They are possibly the chain that has linked humans, their environment, modes of living, their achievements, trials and tribulations over centuries.

From books written 500 years ago, the present generation can take a peep at how lives were lived in those times. Yes, books keep us in touch, and they preserve our records and life’s battles for generations yet unborn.

Any wonder then that a huge majority of adults who can read and write, in whatever part of the world, has an ambition to write a book before they depart this world.

A recent survey I chanced upon said 81 per cent of Americans believe they have “a book in them”, and they hope to find the time to realise this ambition.

I’m sure the numbers in much of the western world is similar, if any such survey has been conducted.

Book publishing is not as difficult and as expensive as it used to be. Thousands of new “how-to” books are published and are on sale on Amazon.com every day. Dozens of self-publishing books are coming out every month.

No wonder that many authors and potential writers believe the space is so crowded there’s no way they can get their books noticed on the shelves of bookstores and even online.

I don’t think authors and writers should let the clutter stand in their way. Sure, get it done, but don’t be content with just getting published.

Take the next step, and work with experts to get your book into the enviable bestseller status on the largest bookselling site Amazon.com.

Once you have “bestselling author” tag attached to your name forever, guess what you can achieve with it. Yes, you’ve won bragging rights to skyrocket your business, your authority, and your expertise.

Whatever the promise your book is, you will find many new opportunities to grow your business or extend the reach of your message, because you’re going to have the courage and the confidence that a published book and a bestselling author tag give you.

At Martin K & Associates Ltd we make authors reach the heights they deserve. We get them to bestseller status in the US, Canada, UK and Australia – fast.

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